Meet Guitar Teacher and Music Technology Teacher Yk Koi

Wycombe Guitar Lessons are taught by Yk Koi - a professional musician, songwriter and music producer that has been teaching guitar lessons for over eight years.

A seasoned guitarist, bass player, vocalist and music producer - Yk holds a first class degree in Creative Music Technology (BSc) and has numerous songwriting, performance and production credits.

Having worked as a lecturer in Music Technology and Audio Production, as well as conducting private guitar, bass and music technology lessons - Yk is an accomplished music educator with a great track record of successful students. 

Wycombe Guitar Lesson students have the added bonus of learning in Yk's residential production studio in High Wycombe. Here, students are welcome to record ideas from their lessons and are able to play along to live band and instrument recordings, preparing them for live situations in the future.

Similarly, those studying Music Technology lessons will get to learn in a professional project studio environment equipped with all the latest hardware, software and monitoring equipment.

As an experienced, signed and touring musician, Yk provides his students with a wealth of music industry knowledge and has a unique teaching approach of designing music lessons around individuals, rather than sticking to a generic guitar or music technology teaching format.

Topics covered in Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar lessons include:

  • Style, Technique and Feel
  • Rhythm, Chords and Progressions
  • Scales, Solos
  • Improvisation
  • Music Theory
  • Learn your favourite songs
  • Songwriting
  • Guitar setup and maintenance
Topics covered in Music Technology, Music Production and Audio Production lessons include:
  • Logic Pro, Cubase and Reason tuition 
  • Get to know your DAW work environment 
  • Understanding Plugins - compression, EQ, reverb, delay, distortion, amp simulation, synthesizers and much more
  • Understanding MIDI, MIDI controllers and keyboards
  • Drum programming, editing and sample replacement
  • Vocal recording and production - including tuning and timing
  • Acoustics
  • Recording techniques
  • Remixing
  • Mastering
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